Virgin Mobile

LG Optimus V on Virgin Mobile Plans


  • Android
  • 3.2 megapixels
  • Touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • Talk time: Up to 5h
  • Standby: Up to 20d
  • Accelerometer
  • View full specs

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"The Optimus V makes a fine multimedia device as well. It comes with a 2GB microSD card preloaded in the side-mounted slo..."
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LG Optimus V Specs

Screen Resolution480 x 320 pixels
Screen Size3.2 inch (8.1 cm)
Resolution3.2 megapixels
Front Facing-
3D Resolution-
Flash Type-
Video CameraVGA
Music & Video
Music PlayerYes
Video PlayerYes
Video CallsNo
FM RadioYes
Audio FormatsAAC+, MP3, WMA, AAC
Video FormatsMPEG4, WMV, 3GP, 3G2
ExpandableUp to 32GB
Form FactorBar
Width59 mm
Height114 mm
Thickness13 mm
Weight136 grams
Main Connectivity3G
Maximum Data Speed-
NetworksCDMA2000 1x 1900
Data NetworksCDMA
Push EmailYes
Text Messages (SMS)Yes
Picture Messages (MMS)Yes
Battery (2G Talk)Up to 5 hours
Battery (Standby)Up to 20 days
App StoreAndroid Market
Processor Type600 MHz Qualcomm MSM7627
Operating SystemAndroid
Release DateFebruary 2011

LG Optimus V Reviews

Average Score
(6 reviews)



"The Optimus V makes a fine multimedia device as well. It comes with a 2GB microSD card preloaded in the side-mounted slot. My 32GB SanDisk card worked fine, and there is also 157MB of free internal memory. There's a standard-size 3.5mm headphone jack on top of the phone and music sounded fine over a wired headset." 4/5
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"Phone is great. Tutorials for every app. Calendar a little basic but works well. Downloaded Colornote for notes and check lists. No gliches and works well.. Lots of options to fit what you need. Love the swipe for texting. Also love the voice search...." 76/100
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"Camera quality was good, and they especially look good on the phones bright screen. Viewing them on a computer obviously results in the images losing a little bit of their quality, but still displayed very nice clarity. The shutter is controlled with a two stage dedicated camera button. However, there is no flash so taking pictures in dim light leads to poor shots. " 3.5/5

Android Authority (
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"The Optimus V from Virgin Mobile, with the aforementioned specs, is what you would call a standard mid-range device. While that list may not blow you away, don't be fooled by the spec sheet. These Optimus phones are some of the best mid-range Android devices you can get. I've been consistently impressed by the performance of the Optimus V and would definitely recommend it for anyone who is looking for an affordable smartphone option."
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"It has 3G in the form of EV-DO Rev. A, stereo Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. The GPS can be used with a variety of location-based apps, like Google Maps, Latitude, Places, and Scvngr, a scavenger hunt-inspired app. Unlike most of the other Optimus handsets, the Optimus V does not have mobile hot-spot capabilities, which is a disappointment. " 3/5 Stars

CNET Reviews (
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"In my test calls made on Virgin Mobile's network, the Optimus V delivered excellent call quality. Calls came through loud and clear on both ends of the line. If you don't want to answer an incoming call, the Optimus V lets you respond with a ready-made "Excuse Message." I like the idea -- which lets you send a text back to the caller, letting them know you're unavailable -- but I found that I kept hitting the "Excuse Message" icon accidentally when trying to answer calls. The Optimus V's relatively small screen forces this icon to sit too close to the slider you use to answer incoming calls. " 3.5/5 Stars Cell Phones (
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LG Optimus OneLG Optimus One3MP / 3.2" / Android 
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LG TributeLG Tribute5MP / 4.5" / Android 
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LG TrueLG True1.3MP / 2.2" / Brew 
1 Plan from $35/mth
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