T-Mobile ONE Prepaid

No Credit Check - Unlimited Talk, Text & 4G LTE Data

Total Price
$75 per month + $10 upfront
Top data users (>50GB/mo.) may notice reduced speeds during congestion until next bill cycle.
Calls & Texts
Unlimited National Minutes
to/from the US, Canada & Mexico

Unlimited Messages
Domestic & International Text

International Calls
Stateside International available for $15/month
1 Month
Current Deal
Limited Time Offer! Get a $10 Prepaid SIM Starter Kit and save $15 when you purchase a SIM Card on T-Mobile's prepaid site!
Per 1 Month Recharge
+ $10 Upfront
Call T-Mobile at

Plan Details

Unlimited Talk, Text & Data

T-Mobile ONE is a no contract plan and includes coverage in 3 countries with:

  • Unlimited calling to and from the U.S., Mexico and Canada (primary usage must occur on U.S. network)
  • Unlimited domestic and international text and data in 140+ countries and destinations
  • Unlimited nationwide and international data in 140+ countries with 4G LTE speed data available throughout the U.S, Mexico and Canada
  • Activate unlimited HD Video streaming for 24 hours at $3/day extra in the T-Mobile app or at my.t-mobile.com

3G Mobile Hotspot Data

This plan includes unlimited mobile hotspot, at speeds up to 3G.

Features & Benefits

Unlimited Calls & International Messaging

This plan offers unlimited minutes to/from the U.S., Mexico and Canada and unlimited international texting from the US and while abroad to 140+ countries and destinations.

Free Music Streaming

Stream all the music you want on your phone or tablet from the top music services including Pandora, iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, Rhapsody, Spotify, Slacker, and Milk Music without using your 4G LTE data.

Worldwide data coverage

Unlimited data and text in over 140 countries included - standard speeds up to 128 kbps. Activate a no-cost upgrade for 256 kbps speeds. Calls are 20 cents a minute.

Make Unlimited International Calls

Stateside International add-on allows you to make unlimited calls from the U.S. to select countries. You can add it to this plan for an additional $15/month.

Data Maximizer

Video streaming is optimized to allow your data to last longer. Video typically streams at DVD quality (480p or better). You may turn this feature off at any time.

HD Video Option

Customers can get HD quality video streaming for 24 hours for $3/month with an on-demand pass. Not for mobile hotspot.

Wi-Fi Calling and Texting

Calling and Texting over Wi-Fi is now automatic at no additional cost. This allows you to make calls and text anywhere in the world you can connect to Wi-Fi.

Break up with your carrier

Break up with your carrier (AT&T, Verizon or Sprint) and T-Mobile will cover your remaining phone payments with a trade in credit per line when you trade in your working devices, PLUS Up to $350 for your Early Termination Fees per line. Device purchase, qualifying plan, and port in required. Terms and conditions apply.

Other Included Features

The following features are also included:

  • Un-contract: no price change guarantee unless you decide to change it
  • Free Standard Shipping (2-4 business days)
  • Voicemail with Message Alert
  • Emergency Calls
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Conference Calling
  • Customer Care

Key Points


  • No Long Distance Charges
  • Able to check my bill from the phone
  • Bring Your Own Phone
  • Free voicemail (or included in monthly minutes)
  • No Roaming Chages


  • Bring Your Own Phone (GSM Network)
  • Calls to Canada included
  • Calls to Mexico included
  • Bonus data allowance when abroad (Unlimited data and text in over 100 countries included)
  • Included data allowance can be used for tethering (at 3G speeds)

Full Cost Breakdown

Description Upfront
Plan T-Mobile T-Mobile ONE Prepaid $75.00
Minutes Unlimited National Minutes (to/from the US, Canada & Mexico) -
Data Unlimited Data (Top data users (>50GB/mo.) may notice reduced speeds during congestion until next bill cycle.) -
Messages Unlimited (Domestic & International Text) -
Fees SIM Starter Kit $25.00
Deal Limited Time Offer! Get a $10 Prepaid SIM Starter Kit and save $15 when you purchase a SIM Card on T-Mobile's prepaid site! ($15.00)
Total $85.00


Rates Cost
Additional minutes $0.00 per minute
Text messages $0.00 each
Picture messages $0.00 each
Excess data $0 per MB

Other Phones Available

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Alcatel GO FLIP

Feature phone with 2MP camera and 2.8 inches QVGA display.
Deal: $50 Refill card included + $10 SIM Starter Kit

CoolPad Defiant

Android 7.0 device with 5" display, 5MP camera and 1.4GHz Quad-Core CPU
Deal: $50 Refill card included + $10 SIM Starter Kit

LG Aristo

Android 7.0 device with 5" display, 13MP camera and 1.4GHz Quad-Core CPU
Deal: $50 Refill card included + $10 SIM Starter Kit

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime

Android 7.0 device with 5" display, 5MP camera and 1.4GHz Quad-core CPU
Deal: $50 Refill card included + $10 SIM Starter Kit

T-Mobile REVVL

Budget device featuring Android 7.0, 5.5" display, 13MP camera and a 1.5GHz quad-core CPU
Deal: $50 Refill card included + $10 SIM Starter Kit

LG K20 Plus

Android 7.0 Nougat smartphone with finger print ID, large 5.3" HD display and 13 MP camera
Deal: $50 Refill card included + $10 SIM Starter Kit

LG Stylo 3 Plus

Android 7.0 phablet with stylus pen, fingerprint sensor, 13MP camera and 5.7" display
Deal: $50 Refill card included + $10 SIM Starter Kit

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung's 2016 flagship with 5.1 Quad-HD display, 12MP camera with dual-pixel technology and water-resistant design
Deal: $50 Refill card included + $10 SIM Starter Kit


LG's flagship smartphone with Android Nougat 7.0 has a wide angle front camera & water and dust resistance technologies.
Deal: $50 Refill card included + $10 SIM Starter Kit

Motorola Moto Z² Force Edition

Updated model with shatter-resistant screen, dual 12MP rear camera, 4GB RAM and 2.35 GHz Octa-Core CPU
Deal: Free Insta-Share Projector Moto Mod with this phone

LG V30

Android 7.1 device with Face & Voice recognition, 6" FullVision display, Octa-core CPU and 4GB RAM
Deal: FREE Google Daydream View VR + Content Pack + $500 off when you buy two

More about T-Mobile

T-Mobile is the third largest carrier of the big four US carriers and the second largest GSM provider, with over 30 million subscribers. The company is owned by international mega-telco Deutsche Telekom, serving as its US wireless operation, and can trace its roots to the establishment of VoiceStream Wireless PCS in 1990.

T-Mobile is known for its competitive pricing structure and superb customer service. In comparison with other providers such as Verizon, it offers great value plans, and since its recent 'unCarrier' makeover, all plans are contract-free. The downside to this is that subsidized phones are no longer offered; T-Mobile customers will either need to purchase their new phone outright, or can opt to make a down payment followed by monthly installments over 24 months. If a customer decides to cancel their T-Mobile service before their device is paid off, they'll need to pay out the outstanding balance before switching to another carrier.

One of the definite pros of T-Mobile is its unlimited data plans. Unlike supposedly ‘unlimited’ plans sold by competing carriers, T-Mobile doesn’t throttle speeds when its customers reach certain download limits, giving it a definite edge. Combined with the comparative affordability of its unlimited plans, it’s a strong lure for customers who love browsing the Web or social networking.

T-Mobile has positioned itself as the Un-Carrier, innovating with such programs as making all their plans 'no contract' and introducing 'early upgrade plans' and many new features in the wireless market, most of which have been copied by their competitors. T-Mobile's recent growth has seen it add more customers than other networks so the Un-Carrier is on to something.

T-Mobile's Network Specs:

  • Technology: GSM
  • 2G Bandwidths (GSM/GPRS/EDGE): 1900MHz
  • 3G Bandwidths (UMTS): 1700MHz/2100MHz
  • 4G Bandwidths (HSPA+): 1700MHz/2100MHz

Getting Started: T-Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Fast Facts: T-Mobile

iPhone SE

T-Mobile is one of the "Big Four" cell phone carriers in the United States, a key player in the wireless market. Founded in 1994, T-Mobile USA is helmed by outspoken CEO John Legere. 

  • Network: T-Mobile's 4G LTE network runs on LTE bands 4 and 12. These bands use the frequencies 1900, 1700 def and 700a. For phones using 2G or 3G network technology, the T-Mobile network will primarily use the 1900 MHz frequency.
  • Coverage: At last check, T-Mobile ranked #3 in overall coverage in the U.S. That may change, though, as the company quickly buys up spectrum in previously-uncovered areas. 
  • Where to Buy: T-Mobile products can be purchased online or at one of the company's over 3,500 U.S. stores. 
  • Bring Your Own Phone to T-Mobile: Customers can bring along their unlocked, GSM-compatible phones for service on T-Mobile. Just make sure that the device supports T-Mobile's LTE bands and 3G frequencies; you can check here
  • Tethering: T-Mobile's unlimited ONE plan includes unlimited hotspot data at up to 3G speeds. Customers can add ONE Plus to get unlimited Smartphone Mobile HotSpot data at up to 4G LTE speeds.
  • Prepaid: T-Mobile offers a litany of prepaid plans, and also owns prepaid carrier MetroPCS
  • Taxes & Fees: One of the biggest perks of T-Mobile is that all taxes and fees are included in the price of their plans.

T-Mobile T-Mobile ONE Prepaid