The Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

05 July 2013

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 recently passed another major milestone, selling over 20 million units in just 68 days. With that kind of traction amongst smartphone shoppers, accessory manufacturers are bound to sit up and start paying attention. But for as many great Galaxy S4 cases as you’ll find on the market, there are more dodgy offerings to dodge.

We decided it would be nice to do the hard yards for you and find the best Galaxy S4 cases out there right now. So, with no further ado, here’s our top picks.

Standard Cases


X-doria offers a small range of cases, but in a variety of differing aesthetics. The fake-metallic Engage Form VR receives a lot of attention, but it’s definitely our least favorite of the bunch. The other two models; the Dash Icon (left) and Dash Pro (right) are much more suited to our tastes.

The Dash Icon has some eye-catching patterns and it made from a softer material. It’s more of a standard case in that it offers no covering for the screen, but we think it looks great and should offer solid protection.

The Dash Pro is made from fake leather and offers a flip-cover to protect the display. However, it looks like it offers less protection against drops than the Icon. The Pro’s various colors are more subdued than the Icon’s, but are still far more classy than most options out there.

Price: US$29.99


Skech cases are generally quite flexible, which is usually the sign of a well-made case. Rigid, brittle plastic breaks easily and usually doesn’t last long – not so with rubber and other more malleable materials.

Our favorites are the Groove and GripShock designs. The Groove is available in multiple eye-catching designs, while the GripShock is a full-rubber case available in 4 colors. We’re also fans of the weave pattern on the back of the GripShock; too often full-rubber cases are quite boring to look atm.

Price: US$19.99 (starting)

Luardi decorative cases

What Luardi cases lack in materials they make up for in unique designs. There’s already a pretty sizable range of GS4 cases. Our favorites would have to be the Golden Paisley, Diamond Pattern and Hipster Gear.

Price: US$29.99

Etsy Designs

Etsy is a great place to find original phone covers. The best part is, most vendors are so small that you’re unlikely to ever run in to anyone who’s seen your case before, ensuring that your phone will always stand out.

Aesthetic Case – Etsy

Aesthetic Case GS4 covers come in a range of really great designs, ranging from complete originals to artistic takes on familiar geeky themes and pop images.

Our personal favorites are the Dr Who Tardis and the Audrey Hepburn cases, but you can decide for yourself.

As a bonus most of the case designs are made from both plastic and rubber, rather than just solid plastic. This adds to durability, protection and grip.

Price: AUD$11.29

My Charming Space – Etsy

Unlike most Etsy case makers, My Charming Space has a variety of styles, as well as a wide range of aesthetic designs. Some are plastic, some fake leather and others are a mixture of a variety of materials.

Price: AUD$11.29-$20.33

Scruffy Ducks Crochet - Etsy

After something really different? Try a knitted GS4 pouch. This one isn’t going to be for everyone, but Scruffy Ducks certainly brought a smile to our faces.

Price: AUD$13.81

Wallet Cases

iLuv Wallet Case

The iLuv Wallet Case is made from actual leather. It’s slim, has places for cards, a clear compartment for photo ID and a place to keep notes.

Unlike most wallet cases the actual wallet-part is around the back, leaving the screen free of a covering flap. Some people will prefer this, as it can be annoying having to fold back a piece of leather every time you want to use your screen.

However, there’s something to be said for protecting that display.

Price: $49.99

Incipio Watson Wallet

The Incipio Watson Wallet case is intriguing in that the wallet section is detachable from the protective case. It has room for 3 cards, but no note section. Instead the notes are held by an elastic strap that goes around the back.

Good news for vegans; despite the Watson Wallet being made from genuine leather, Incipio insists that it’s 100% eco friendly. Available in black, brown, white with blue strap and white with pink strap.

Price: $44.99

Wooden Cases


Carved wooden cases come in a wide variety of designs, ranging from etched awesomeness like their Aztec Calendar, to fitted pieces like Random Puzzle, to plain wood like their Redwood Burl.

Wooden cases are often difficult to come by, but carved has them by the bucketful. We seriously recommend checking them out.

Price: US$26-$31

DFVCR – Etsy

DFVCR is another Etsy creator. With a smaller range than Carved, DFVCR still offers some cool unique designs. Our favorites are the Tree of Life and Octopus designs. What’s yours?


Durable Cases

Otterbox Defender

The Otterbox Defender is a multi-part, serious piece of smartphone protection.

Buyers can even custom order their own case, picking from the range of different colors and designs.


Puregear cases are pretty much as tough as they come. With models ranging all the way up to the PX360 Weatherproof Extreme.

Complete with karabiner/carabiner belt clip and a 3-layer system of protection, the PX360 should handle even the toughest conditions.

As an added perk, it even looks pretty good.

Price: $US19.99-$49.99

Special Mention

We couldn’t finish this piece without giving a shout-out to this silver studded S4 case from Etsy. Don’t ask us; we don’t know. Just look at it.

It’s beautiful.

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