Sign Up for TextNow and Get $45 Credit on Cell Phone Bill

09 October 2017

Sign up for TextNow and Get $45 Credit on Cell Phone Bill

Need another reason to breakup with your cell phone carrier?  Then consider this financial incentive: TextNow is offering customers who bring over their own phone number a $25 bill credit. Plus, when you sign up for TextNow service through this WhistleOut Exclusive deal, TextNow will add on an additional $20 account credit.  That's a $45 credit that could easily translate into a month or two (depending on the plan you choose) of free service. 

TextNow Deal:

Here's how this deal works:

1. Choose a data plan.  

All Text Now plans include:
  • unlimited talk & text to US and Canada
  • visual voicemail
  • call forwarding
  • data at 3G/4G speeds, (limit varies depending on plan). Once you've used up your data, your speeds will slow to 2G speeds.
  • ability to use your phone number on any computer & tablet
  • no contract & credit checks

Cell Phone Plans

With at least 100MB data | Filters
Carrier Inclusions  
  • Short Plan
  • 100MB Full Speed Data
  • No Contract
  • $13.99/mo
  • Promo Tall Plan
  • 1.5GB Full Speed Data
  • No Contract
  • $19.99/mo
  • Promo Grande Plan
  • 3GB Full Speed Data
  • No Contract
  • $27.99/mo
  • Promo Venti Plan
  • 4GB Full Speed Data
  • No Contract
  • $39.99/mo
  • Quattro Plan
  • 6GB Full Speed Data
  • No Contract
  • $59.99/mo

2. Bring your phone or buy a new one. You only need to have a phone number that will be transferred from your old carrier. Those with compatible devices from Sprint, Boost or Virgin Mobile or T-Mobile, can activate their current phones on TextNow's network. If you own an unlocked CDMA or GSM-enabled device, TextNow offers SIM cards to use with your device.

TextNow: Fast Facts

  • Network: TextNow offers coverage through WiFi and nation-wide data networks Sprint and T-Mobile. To see if TextNow is a good fit, check our coverage maps
  • Coverage: TextNow uses your WiFi connection first, when it is available (even for text & calls). When there is no WiFi connection, TextNow will use Sprint's nationwide network for CDMA phones and a nation-wide GSM network for GSM phones.
  • Where to Buy: Since TextNow operates entirely online, plans and phones are available for purchase on the their website. 


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