Takeaway: AT&T Revamped Unlimited Plan Because Everyone Else Did

16 February 2017

AT&T did not want to offer unlimited data to everyone

Although AT&T sat curiously silent this week, they were preparing a response to Verizon, a company who itself had been dragged into offering unlimited data by its competitors. 

Verizon had dismissed the idea of unlimited data throughout 2016; meanwhile, T-Mobile was crushing it with their unlimited plans, acquiring new customers by the minute. Naturally, Verizon had to get in on the act. Now AT&T has followed suit, removing the requirement to be a DIRECTV bundle customer to access unlimited data. 

AT&T initially beat their nemesis, Verizon, to the punch with their unlimited data plan. However, by requiring their customers to pay for other bundled services it came across as a far less appealing option than T-Mobile's and Sprint's unlimited plans. Thankfully for AT&T customers, there's been an overhaul. 

For this, we have T-Mobile to thank. Their innovation and success has compelled the staid old #1 and #2 carriers to follow. 

AT&T's made the following key changes to their unlimited plan: 

  • A single line costs $100 as opposed to the previous price of $150, as they've eliminated the mandatory DirecTV subscription
  • Lines 2 and 3 are $40, while the 4th one is free with a $40 credit; the credit only takes affect, however, after you’ve paid $220 for two months
  • Full HD video streaming
  • The addition of Roam North America which allows for unlimited use in Canada and Mexico

Crucially, the plan still does not include a hotspot allowance, unlike Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon's unlimited plans, all of which provide 10GB of use. Also worth noting: data is soft capped at 22GB, after which speeds are slowed down. Both are important things to keep in mind when shopping for unlimited plans. 

AT&T’s announcement comes at the end of a wild week that saw Verizon introducing their unlimited plan to great fanfare, T-Mobile adding HD video to their One plan, and Sprint adding HD to their Unlimited Freedom plan. Check out the breakdown below: 


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