ROK Mobile wants to prevent disaster from rocking your life with new insurance

17 February 2017

Rok Mobile

Some carriers try to latch onto 'life-style.' ROK Mobile is thinking 'life.'

Cell phone plans and life insurance are two products you don’t typically associate with one another, but MVNO ROK Mobile has found a way to pair the two. 

ROK Mobile is a self-described “lifestyle” mobile carrier known for offering a single all-in-one mobile and music streaming plan. Last year, the company began including services like accidental death insurance and online medical access to go along with their $49.99 plan. 

Now the company has broken out these perks into four separate low-cost plans starting at $5 a month. ROK Mobile’s $10 plan, for example, includes WiFi calling along with roadside assistance, $20,000 of burial insurance, and $100,000 of accidental death insurance. Each successive tier includes the services from the cheaper plan, along with new ones; their $15 Premium Plan, for example, includes all of the aforementioned benefits plus family legal services, pharmacy savings, ID theft insurance, and telemedicine. 

John Paul DeJoria
Remember this guy from the Paul Mitchell commercials? 

ROK Mobile is co-helmed by billionaire John Paul DeJoria, who cofounded both John Paul Mitchell hair care and liquor brand Patron. He’s worth an estimated $3.2 billion, half of which he’s pledged to give away. 

The socially responsible mobile maven has indicated that he feels extra services like these will be of great benefit to ROK Mobile’s lower income customers. “We’ve bundled all of these lovely things that people couldn’t otherwise afford to pay for,” DeJoria said in an interview with Forbes in 2016. “Because we’ve done it on a large scale, we’ve got competitive rates.” 

ROK Mobile doesn't sell any phones, just cell plans with SIM cards. The company's trademark $49.99 Mobile Plan is the only one that includes data, specifically 5GB of 4G LTE hard-capped (i.e., cut off when the limit is reached) data. This same plan, their most expensive, features all of the extra services, which are: 

  • Roadside assistance
  • $100,000 of accidental death insurance
  • Up to $20,000 of burial and cremation insurance
  • Family legal services
  • ID theft insurance
  • Pharmacy savings
  • Telemedicine

It also includes unlimited talk and text and ad-free music streaming of 20 million tracks via the ROK Music app. Let's compare it to a few from ROK's fellow MVNOs: 

ROK Mobile runs on Verizon's network, which covers more geographic area in the United States than any other. Only CDMA phones can be used on ROK Mobile. 


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