Get the Galaxy S6 for $250 with TextNow

23 December 2015

Looking for a last-minute deal on a flagship device? Combo cellular and WiFi provider TextNow is offering this year’s stellar Samsung Galaxy S6, contract-free, for just $249.99.

    The S6 is available in both black and gold variations, both with 32GB of storage. Seeing as TextNow's regualr price for the S6 is $599.99 upfront, you’ll save $350 if you buy now – that’s a discount of close to 60%.

    The catch? The S6 on offer is certified refurbished, so not straight out-of-the-box new. However, a refurbished S6 is virtually identical to a completely new device, with the exception of price: you'll get the same quality performance and appearance, and (just in case) your handset is covered by a full year's warranty.

    What is TextNow?

    TextNow is a cloud-based Sprint MVNO offering cell plans from as little as $18.99 per month. You’ll get unlimited talk, text and 2G data on all plans, with LTE data allowances starting from 500MB per month (up to 4GB on the $59.99 plan).

    Customers receive call and text service through WiFi where available, with Sprint’s network working as backup. If you prefer to bring your own device to a plan, TextNow accepts eligible Sprint smartphones.

    You can pick up the discounted Galaxy S6 from TextNow until January 1. However, customers should move quickly – the company only has a limited number of devices available.

    Original Samsung Galaxy S6 image: Zeynep Demir /


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