Google Family Link is the ultimate punishment for your kids

16 March 2017

Google is doubling down on Android's parental controls with a new app called Family Link, which ostensibly lets parents completely lock down their kids' smartphones.

Once setup, parents will be able to approve or deny any app their kids try to download, track the time an app is open, and lock down the phone at a certain time each day, or on ad hoc basis when kids have been particularly naughty.

The kid version of Family Link is compatible with Android Nougat devices, as well as a few Android Marshmallow handsets and tablets, including the LG X Power, the Sony Xperia X, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. On the other hand, the parent Family Link control suite can be run on any Android device powered by KitKat or better.

At the moment, Family Link is an invite only early access product. You can try to get in through Google's invite request page.


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