RingPlus to change pricing, launch free cell plan

12 June 2015

Low-cost provider RingPlus already offers competitive plan pricing, but starting this weekend customers can save even more by going with the Sprint MVNO.

The company has announced not only an overhaul of its current plans, but the introduction of an all-new, 100% free cell phone plan, to go live this Saturday.

First-ever free plan

RingPlus’ free cell plan will include 200 minutes of voice calls, 50 text messages and 10 MB of LTE data on the Sprint network. The catch? The plan is ‘content sponsored’, meaning advertisers will support the project instead of customers.

The service will use ringback tones to offer advertising to customers when making an outbound voice call. The ads will run between dialling a number, but before the call recipient picks up – so in place of the usual repeating ring tone.

RingPlus says the service will be supported by Sprint, and will use the carrier’s Wholesale Mobile Integration connection – in combination with RingPlus’ own ringback tone technology – in order to advertise to customers.

In addition to the free base minutes, texts and data, overages will be charged at a flat rate of two cents per extra minute, text message or megabyte.

New plans, new prices

RingPlus has also re-jigged its paid plan options for customers, whittling down the amount of plans offered and scrapping varying overage fees. The new plans start at $2 per month, up to $50 for the Bliss unlimited plan with 5GB of data.

The plans are as follows:

Joy: $2 per month. Includes 200 minutes talk, 200 text messages, and 50MB of data

Mint: $5 per month. Includes 300 minutes of talk, 500 text messages, and 100MB of data

Bella: $10 per month. Includes 400 minutes of talk, 400 text messages, 300MB of data, and 200 minutes of WiFi calls

Harmony: $20 per month. Includes unlimited voice minutes and WiFi calls, unlimited text messages, and 1GB of data

Revel: $30 per month. Includes unlimited voice minutes and WiFi calls, unlimited text messages, and 2GB of data

Hiper: $40 per month. Includes unlimited voice minutes and WiFi calls, unlimited text messages, and 3GB of data

Bliss: $50 per month. Includes unlimited voice minutes and WiFi calls, unlimited text messages, and 5GB of data

Pros and cons

While the new pricing structure is easier to understand and, for the most part, the plans offer better included value, it appears that overages for lower-priced options will increase slightly (to a flat two cents per extra voice minute, text message or megabyte, for all plans).

And although RingPlus' former plans included international texting, your text allowance is now limited to domestic SMS only, with global messages costing three cents each.

The good news for current customers wanting to stick with the older RingPlus plans is that you’re under no obligation to switch – you can stay grandfathered to your current service plan for as long as you like.

The new plans, and RingPlus’ free plan, will be available from Saturday June 13 at 2pm, PST. More information is available at RingPlus' forums.

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