Sprint Gets in On the HD Video Act

16 February 2017

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 

If that’s true, major cell phone carriers must really think highly of one another this week. Today, Sprint has added HD video in what has been a wild week in wireless. To recap:

Sprint is also running a promotion on the plan, offering five unlimited lines for $90 until March 3, 2018.  

Previously, the trend among major providers was to restrict video streaming to standard-definition on unlimited plans, or 480p. High definition is 1080p and above. 

Sprint calls the Unlimited Freedom promotion the “best unlimited HD plan ever” (you can’t accuse carriers of being modest), and it also includes 10GB of mobile hotspot use per line. Additionally, new Sprint customers who trade in their current flagship phone can lease an iPhone 7 for $0 monthly payments for 18 months. 

In the official press release, Sprint is quick to point out that their generous unlimited offerings are made possible by the size of the company’s network, or spectrum.

“Some customers are worried whether their carrier can handle the explosive growth in data consumption as consumers use more and more data to stream, post and tweet,” reads the release. “No worries with Sprint. With more than 160MHz of 2.5GHz spectrum in the top 100 U.S. markets, Sprint has more spectrum than any other carrier across the nation.”

This move leaves AT&T as the only major carrier without an unlimited plan that includes HD video, to say nothing of its relative expense. Take a look at how the major carriers' unlimited plans compare:

For more information on provider coverage you can check out our guide on the subject, or use WhistleOut's comparison tool to browse the Sprint plans. Current plan prices are below.

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