Sprint offers buy one, get one Galaxy S8 deal

21 April 2017

If one Galaxy S8 just isn't enough, Sprint has a new, limited-time deal for you.

Starting April 21, the carrier is offering customers two GS8 devices for the price of one, provided you lease both phones through the Galaxy Forever program. The promotion runs through to April 27, and is available to both new and existing customers.

How it works

To qualify, you’ll need to purchase both handsets on Sprint’s Galaxy Forever leasing option, and activate at least one new line of service. Under the terms of the lease, you’ll pay $31.25 each month for each device, with payments to be made over 18 months. However, you’ll receive a service credit for your second phone each month within two bill cycles, meaning the $31.25 lease price will be refunded over 18 months of payments.

As long as you stick with Galaxy Forever until your lease is up, you’ll get two phones for the price of one, once all payments for your second device are reimbursed. However, if you cancel service early, the remaining full balance of both devices becomes due – so be warned.

After your 18-month payment period, you can opt to hand back one or both devices and upgrade, or pay an additional Purchase Option Price and keep your phone for good. Galaxy Forever also allows customers to upgrade to the newest Samsung Galaxy release after just 12 months of payments have been made.

Although your second S8 will technically be 'free', you'll need to stick with Galaxy Forever for at least 18 months to get the most from the deal, and you'll need to add at least one new line of service to qualify. You also won't truly 'own' both phones without paying extra later, so unless you're happy to lease both devices – and are already looking at either switching to Sprint or taking out a new line – make sure you understand the fine print before signing up. 

Sprint Unlimited: more data, less dollars

Sprint’s buy-one, get-one deal runs for a very limited time: you’ve got until April 27 to take advantage of the offer. If you’re new to Sprint, or planning to change up your existing plan, you can jump on the new Unlimited talk, text and data plan for $50 per month for a single line.

If you’re looking for more than one line of unlimited, you’ll pay $80 for two lines each month, and an extra $20 per month for each additional line. So a family of four can enjoy unlimited calls, texts, and data – including HD video streaming – for $120 per month. Pricing applies from now until June 2018, after which you’ll pay $10 per month more for each line.

Sprint’s Galaxy S8 deal is live April 21. If leasing isn’t for you, customers can still pick up the S8 on a standard 24-month installment plan for $31.25 per month, or buy upfront for $750. 

If you'd like to compare deals on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ from all carriers, head to our guide here; or for more information on Sprint plans, including the Unlimited data option, start comparing below.


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