T-Mobile's Hikes Price of One Plus by $5

06 July 2017

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The "Un-Carrier" just got a bit more, well, carrier-ish. 

T-Mobile has quietly raised the price of their Plus add-on by $5, bringing its total cost to $10. Paired with the $70 unlimited One plan, you'll now be shelling out $80 for things like HD video streaming, unlimited mobile hotspot use, and unlimited in-flight WiFi. 

This means that One Plus now costs exactly the same as Verizon's Unlimited plan. Given the amount of derision T-Mobile CEO John Legere has directed at Verizon over the years, it's not surprising the company has kept this price hike tightly under wraps. 

If you were to ask Legere about it, he'd undoubtedly be quick to point out that One Plus features international benefits that Verizon's unlimited plan does not. This includes the aforementioned unlimited Gogo in-flight WiFi, as well as 3G data in over 140 countries (4G in Mexico and Canada). Also, T-Mobile's price includes all taxes and fees. 

Carrier Inclusions  
  • ONE Plus
  • Unlimited Data
  • No Contract
  • $80/mo + $25 Upfront
Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless
  • Beyond Unlimited Plan
  • Unlimited Data
  • No Contract
  • $85/mo + $30 Upfront

On the other hand, Verizon's network is still the most robust in the country, far outpacing T-Mobile's (don't believe Legere's claims to the contrary). Sure, T-Mobile's coverage is fantastic in some urban areas--Seattle is one example--but Verizon still rules the United States. Sorry John. 

The cheapest unlimited plan of the four majors belongs to Sprint, at $50. Like T-Mobile, Sprint's coverage can be a bit hit-or-miss, depending where you are. 

Note that the price change does not affect customers already paying the original $5 for Plus--they'll be grandfathered in and can continue with that rate.

About T-Mobile...
iPhone SE

T-Mobile is one of the "Big Four" cell phone carriers in the United States, a key player in the wireless market. Founded in 1994, T-Mobile USA is helmed by outspoken CEO John Legere. 

  • Network: T-Mobile's 4G LTE network runs on LTE bands 4 and 12. These bands use the frequencies 1900, 1700 def and 700a. For phones using 2G or 3G network technology, the T-Mobile network will primarily use the 1900 MHz frequency.
  • Where to Buy: T-Mobile products can be purchased online or at one of the company's over 3,500 U.S. stores. 
  • Bring Your Own Phone to T-Mobile: Customers can bring along their unlocked, GSM-compatible phones for service on T-Mobile. Just make sure that the device supports T-Mobile's LTE bands and 3G frequencies; you can check here
  • Tethering: T-Mobile's unlimited ONE plan includes unlimited hotspot data at up to 3G speeds. Customers can add ONE Plus to get unlimited Smartphone Mobile HotSpot data at up to 4G LTE speeds.
  • Taxes & Fees: One of the biggest perks of T-Mobile is that all taxes and fees are included in the price of their plans. 

Fact: T-Mobile's unlimited plans have been incredibly popular, and arguably moved the entire wireless industry in the direction of all-you-can-use talk, text and data plans. Learn more about T-Mobile via our carrier review


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