T-Mobile Phones Free at RadioShack

15 August 2011

Anyone on T-Mobile who’s in the market for a new contract or phone should seriously consider heading down to RadioShack. On Friday the retailer announced that it was offering all of its post-paid T-Mobile phones for free with a 24 month contract.

The sale comes as no real surprise on the tail of RadioShack’s plans to stop selling T-Mobile handsets from September 14th onwards.

Starting on September 15th, RadioShack will be selling Verizon handsets, starting a new partnership with America’s largest carrier.

This move will probably prove to be a lucrative move for RadioShack, as Verizon Wireless not only boasts the most customers in the US, but also the widest wireless network and America’s largest and fastest growing 4G wireless broadband network.

Until then we suggest you jog on down to your local RadioShack and check out what they have for offer, you might end up finding some pretty awesome deals.


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