Take your iPhone to Verizon, get $200 (and no activation fees!)

20 April 2017

Thinking of making the move to Verizon? If you’re an iPhone user with a 6 or 6s model, the carrier has a new, limited-time promo just for you.

Starting April 20, Verizon will offer owners of selected Apple phones a sweet $200 for switching phone numbers and service to its network. The deal applies to new customers with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6s Plus in all storage sizes.

Bring your eligible iPhone and port your number from a rival carrier, and you’ll receive a bonus $200 prepaid Visa card, plus you’ll have the $30 activation fee waived. Customers can expect their fees to be reimbursed via bill credit within one to two bill cycles.

Unlike similar switching promotions, Verizon’s deal doesn’t seem to require customers trade-in old devices, sign up for a new Verizon phone, or activate specific plans; as long as you’ve got a qualifying iPhone and switch your number to Verizon, you’re eligible for the $200 and a refund on your start-up fees. 

It appears the offer is available to all new customers on both post and prepaid Verizon plans, and you won't need to give up your phone to take advantage of the deal.

Make the switch, pay off your lease

Verizon is not-so-subtly aiming the promo at customers who originally snapped up the iPhone 6 or 6s on low-cost leasing deals, such as Sprint’s iPhone Forever or T-Mobile’s JUMP! On Demand

While these payment programs mean you’ll pay less each month to take home a brand-new iPhone, customers won’t get to actually own the device without making a final balloon payment, in the region of $150-200.

The limited-time Verizon offer covers that final charge for lease customers, giving iPhone owners extra incentive to switch to Big Red’s lauded network and new unlimited data plans. If you’re eyeing a jump to Verizon, the Unlimited Plan includes unlimited calls, texts and data and is priced at $80 per month for a single line with AutoPay.

Verizon’s iPhone deal is available for a limited time only. For more info on Verizon’s plans, unlimited or otherwise, start comparing below. 


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