TextNow unveils new plans and 'Elastic Calling'

27 July 2016

WiFi-first, cloud-based carrier TextNow is upping its calling game - announcing it will be rolling out its new 'Elastic Calling' technology for all customers from today.

While TextNow has offered a combo of WiFi and cellular calling to customers since its inception, the new call technology gives users seamless handover between networks, even mid-conversation. 

Using improved network detection algorithms, TextNow's Elastic Calling will ensure your call is connected to the best network option from the moment you dial. If your signal fades, you'll be switched to a better network, with no interruption to your call. 

The service continually monitors available WiFi, cellular data and cellular voice networks, leading to better overall coverage (even in basements and apartment blocks) and fewer dropped calls for customers. 

TextNow users can also make WiFi calls when travelling abroad, meaning you'll potentially save hundreds on roaming fees. 

New plans: more data, same price

In addition to launching its better-than-ever calling technology, TextNow will today reveal its new, improved contract-free plans. 

The company is introducing an all-new Short plan to its roster: you'll get unlimited calls and texts, unlimited 2G data, and 100MB of fast cellular data for $13.99 per month. 

Even better news: the company's Grande, Venti and Quattro plan options will all receive a boost in high-speed data, without the corresponding price increase. 

The revamped TextNow plans are:

  • Short Plan: $13.99 per month. Includes 100MB of high-speed data (new plan)
  • Tall Plan: $18.99 per month. Includes 500MB of high-speed data (remains unchanged)
  • Grande Plan: $26.99 per month. Includes 1.5GB per month of high-speed data (was 1GB)
  • Venti Plan: $39.99 per month. Includes 3GB of high-speed data (was 2GB)
  • Quattro Plan: $59.99 per month. Includes 6GB of high-speed data (was 4GB)

All plans include unlimited calls and texts within the US and to Canada, and unlimited 2G (throttled) data use, so there's no nasty overage fees if you exceed your high-speed allowance. 

TextNow customers can also make free international calls to ten countries (including the UK and Mexico), with calls to other destinations starting from $0.02 per minute. 

The company offers a selection of new and refurbished high-end devices, with options including the Moto E, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the Motorola Moto X - all of which are on sale for the next seven days. 

Customers can also bring their own compatible Sprint phone to TextNow plans, provided the device is running either iOS or Android, is off-contract and paid up, and hasn’t been flagged as lost or stolen.  

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