LG G2 mini preview

24 February 2014

The LG G2 will get a smaller companion sometime soon, unsurprisingly dubbed the LG G2 mini. In true ‘mini’ tradition it will be a smaller version of the flagship G2 with trimmed-down specs for a lower price.

At 4.7 inches we could make another ‘not so mini’ joke, but really it’s not so surprising. These days the ‘mini’ moniker is more to differentiate quality than provide the impression of a compact, tiny device.

The 540 x 960 resolution is a little bit disappointing. We were hoping to see 720p for this one, much like on the Motorola Moto G, but if a worse resolution means a cheaper price then we can understand the sacrifice.

The rest of it sounds pretty good: a quad-core 1.7GHz or 1.2GHz processor, depending on your market; an 8MP or 13MP camera, also depending on the market; Android 4.4 KitKat, which should function smoothly on the less-powerful CPU; and the recognizable rear Lock and Volume buttons.

Physically the phones are almost identical, with thin bezels, a simple look and on-screen buttons. The only real difference is that the G2 mini is a matte plastic while the full-sized G2 has a more glossy finish.

The G2 mini will also ship with KnockCode, LG’s funky new security method. We don’t see this being a big selling factor, but it’s at least a way that LG can differentiate itself from the mid-range competition.

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