What we think we know about the LG G6

23 January 2017

What's New?

The G6 will be LG's first flagship smartphone for 2017, and will no doubt result in far too many references to a certain 2010 club banger. But let's be honest, if LG don't play "like a G6" while unveiling the G6, I'll be very disappointed.

While last year's G5 was a bit of an odd ball thanks to its controversial modular design, the G6 is set to be more of a conventional smartphone. The G5's modular functionality is going out the window, but for all intents and purposes, the G6 should still be quite a unique phone. Rumors suggest the G6 will boast an extra tall 5.7-inch display with a 2:1 aspect ratio - essentially, a super-wide screen -and negligible bezel. If LG pulls this off, it should result in a big phone that doesn't feel big.

LG is using the tagline "See More, Play More" on invites to its next launch, which could very well referred to the G6's screen.

Other rumored specifications include the return of the G5's dual rear-camera configuration (where one camera is a standard lens, and the other a wide-angle), a Snapdragon 835 processor, a rear-facing fingerprint reader, and 64GB of base storage.

Case manufacturer Ghostek seems to have accidentally revealed renders of the G6 (in one of its tough cases, pictured below), which seemingly confirms the rumors of thinner bezels, dual rear-cameras, and the return of the rear-facing fingerprint reader.

How much will it cost?

Last year's G5 launched at $649 outright, and we wouldn't be surprised if LG decided to sell the G6 for a similar price. 

When will it be available?

LG has a press conference scheduled February 26 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where we expect it to unveil the G6. Last year, the G5 went on sale at the start of April, so we could see a similar launch date with the G6. 


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