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BYO TabletBYO Tablet
100% Free Wireless LTE Internet
Bring your own tablet for free service
  • Runs on Sprint 4G LTE network
  • Free Basic Plan: 500MB/ month
  • Initial $20 Activation Fee
Get the First Month FREE!

+ $20 Upfront
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More About FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a prepaid carrier that runs off the Sprint 4G LTE network. FreedomPop is compatible with all unlocked Sprint CDMA devices and offers low cost affordable plans. FreedomPop is one of the only carriers on the market that offers a truly free plan as long as users don’t exceed their monthly limits.

FreedomPop offers a SIM only service which makes it easier to switch between phones and renew the monthly prepaid service.

FreedomPop has only a few store locations to purchase their phones or services. However, they are partnered with 13 different online websites where customers can purchase their plans.

The only phones compatible to work on FreedomPop services are unlocked Sprint devices.

There are some available add-ons for FreedomPop. These add-ons are optional and will cost users the plan plus however much they are charged for the specific add on.

Customers can upgrade to the Premium Voice package for $3.99/mth. They will get the first month free and can opt out any time. This feature will allow customers to use the Sprint Cellular network in areas where there is a weak signal.

These features will be included on the first month of usage. Users can cancel this service anytime online, otherwise it will be automatically renewed at the end of the trial and the payment method will be charged a $9.99 fee each month. Users must cancel if they don’t want to get charged.

FreedomPop also released a nationwide Wi-Fi plan that allows customers to connect to a network of roughly 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the US for just $5 a month.

FreedomPop, as of April 2016, has 8 phones in stock that are FreedomPop branded. Since FreedomPop offers such low cost plans, FreedomPop doesn’t offer payment plans for their devices. If customers want to purchase a phone through FreedomPop, they must purchase the device outright.

FreedomPop reduces data speeds to 3G speeds after the first 1 GB of 4G LTE data is used. This removes any overage charges associated with FreedomPop. Most carriers slow to 2G speeds which is basically dysfunctional. With 3G speeds, customers should still be able to surf the web but it will noticeably be a slower speed.

If taking the BYO route, customers need to make sure the device is unlocked and has been paid in full. The phones original carrier is the only carrier that can unlock the device. To bring your own, the phone must previously have run off the Sprint CDMA network.

The main downside to FreedomPop is their lack of cell phone choices even though they offer a BYO option. Users must purchase the device outright since FreedomPop doesn’t offer payment plans for their phones. FreedomPop is also for light users. Their biggest plan has 1GB of data and there are no additional add-ons.

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