Verizon iPhone X Prices, Plans and Deals

26 September 2017

Apple has finally revealed specs on its newest leap forward--the iPhone X. 

Declaring it as "game-changing" as the first iPhone was a decade prior, the device is replete with a bevy of new features, including: Face ID, a nearly bezel-less display, an amazing-looking camera, wireless charging, and the ultra-fast A11 processor. It really does look like Apple knocked it out of the park. 

The iPhone X is available for preorder on Friday, October 27. Read on to learn more. 

Verizon iPhone X Plans

Preorder: 12:01am PDT, October 27; online and in-stores. Trade-in credits and deals typically require an in-store visit to organize your trade-in. 

Why Verizon?

Verizon has not historically offered incentives like buy-one-get-ones on the iPhone, so expect to pay the full retail price upfront or monthly installments on the device. Still, Verizon boasts the best network in the country, so you'll be able to use your awesome new device just about anywhere. 

Trade-In deal

Verizon's standard trade-in program may still apply. Trade-in eligible devices and receive up to $250 trade-in credit when you buy a new iPhone, which will be applied to your account over 24 months. 

Verizon: iPhone X pricing forecasts

Here's an estimate of what you'll pay each month if you're on a 24-month device payment contract and have Verizon's $75 Go Unlimited Freedom plan:

iPhone Installment Monthly Total (inc. Plan)
iPhone X 64GB + $41.62/mo $116.62/mo
iPhone X 256GB + $47.87/mo $122.87/mo
Prices are Forecasts Only: Based on previous pricing on iPhone 7

Verizon's pricing includes a nice early upgrade feature: simply pay off 50% of the current device and you can hand the device in and upgrade to another.  

Verizon's Annual Upgrade Program

After grandfathering the Edge program, Verizon's current financing program now simply allows you to upgrade to the new phone after making a payment of at least 50% of device price and at least 30 days of Verizon service.

  • You need to turn in your current device to upgrade
  • Device payment agreement is a 24-month payment term 

Verizon's installment program is one of the simplist in the industry. Want to upgrade? Just pay off 50% and hand in the old phone and you are good to go.

Verizon Buying Tip: See Sprint

If you are a Verizon customer, there's a great buying hack to know - switch to Sprint for the cheapest iPhone deal in the market. Note, there's a specific way that you need to do this. First, buy the latest iPhone at full RRP (Verizon model) then switch to Sprint with your Verizon phone and pay nothing for 12 months for unlimited data. That's right, it is FREE. Staying on Verizon for $75/mo unlimited data is $900 across 12 months, just for the plan. That's your iPhone X price just there - paid for, all within 12 months!


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