Sprint Cell Phone Deals

17 July 2017

We track the latest cell phone deals on Sprint. 

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Sprint's best deals are below for the week of July 16th, 2017

#1 Deal Lease one Apple iPhone 7 or 7 Plus - get an iPhone 7 32GB FREE

Right now, Get a FREE iPhone 7 when you lease one first.

  • What: It's simple, get one iPhone 7 on a lease and you'll get a second one free
  • Why: This is a great way to get 2 phones for the cost of one!
#2 Deal Free Sprint Offer - Unlimited Data

Right now, Verizon customers who switch to Sprint get FREE Unlimited Data for 1 year

  • What: Verizon customers who switch get free unlimited data for 1 year
  • Why: These saving are too good to pass up, take advantage of this special offer
#3 Deal 5 lines on Sprint Unlimited - Free Offer

Verizon customers, step right up and switch to Sprint so you  can get up to 5 Lines Free!

  • What: 5 lines on Sprint Unlimited for $0, FREE
  • Why: Have a family that likes to use data? This plan is for you!
#4 DealSamsung Galaxy S8 - 2 for 1 Flex Lease after monthly bill credits

Get a Special Deal on the Samsung Galaxy S8 with monthly lease, find out more below.

  • What: 2 for 1 offer on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ with Flex Lease after monthly bill credits
  • Why: because 2 for 1 Samsung Galaxy S8 on a Sprint lease is too good of a deal to pass up
#5 DealHTC Bolt is 50% off from Sprint

Get a Special Offer on the HTC Bolt from Sprint, it's 50% off.

  • What: To qualify for, simply sign up for the HTC Bolt on installments to get 50% off the phone
  • Why: 50% off the HTC Bolt is a good looking price. Don't let this slip away.
#6 DealLG G6 for only $5 per month

Get an LG G6 for 50% of installments and Unlimited Freedom plan.

  • What: Get the LG G6 on monthly installments and the phone and plan is only $64 per month
  • Why: The LG G6 is a great phone with an even better price.
#7 DealApple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB or 64GB - $150 OFF

Enroll in monthly installments with Sprint for the iPhone 6 Plus and get huge savings.

  • What: $150 and $200 off the Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB and 64GB on installments
  • Why: With the phone cost that low, nows the time to get the big screen iPhone for next to nothing.
#8 DealSamsung Galaxy J3 is 50% off
Limited Time

Right now, get a Galaxy J3 Emerge for 50% off from Sprint.

  • What: Get the Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge with installments and get the phone for 50% off
  • Why: If you were already planning on getting a new phone, you might as well get the Galaxy J3 since the price is too good to pass up


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